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FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week: Chipping

The FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet tip of the week comes from Outdoor Country Club in York County.  The topic is chipping.

Jason Gebhart, Outdoor Country Club PGA Pro

“I’m short of the green here so I’m going to hit a shot that’s going to go low and then roll out.  My choice of club is going to be a 9 iron and pitching wedge so when I hit this, I’m going to line up my back foot directly with the golf ball.  My feet are going to be close together, my weight is going to be on my front foot and when I hit the shot, I am not going to use my wrists.  My wrsists are going to stay flat and the ball will come out low and roll.  If you follow these tips, it will help you get up and down more often.”


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