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Lebanon County landlord charged with housing assistance fraud


A Lebanon man is accused of defrauding the Lebanon County Housing Authority out of more than $23,000 in federal funds provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Israel Acevedo, 52, of Lebanon, was a landlord who participated in HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) that was administered by the Housing Authority, according to U.S. Attorney Peter Smith. Acevedo’s spouse received federal funds in the form of rental subsidies under HUD’s housing assistance program.

Acevedo is accused of concealing the fact that he lived with his wife and children in a house he owned and received the federal rental subsidies that were provided to his spouse to pay rent. Acevedo was allegedly prohibited from renting to a spouse or other family members who were receiving rent subsidies. By concealing the relationship Acevedo’s income from his employment was not factored into how much his spouse was entitled to in rent subsidies, allegedly resulting in Acevedo receiving $23,362 in federal funds that he was not entitled to receive.

The United States Attorney’s Office also filed a plea agreement in which Acevedo agreed to plead guilty to the charge. Acevedo has already made restitution.

Acevedo faces a maximum term of imprisonment of one year, a $100,000 fine and a period of supervised release, plus restitution.


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