will find you lookalikes of your Ex

So did things not work out between you and someone you thought was “the one”?  Well, now with the help of a new service you can give that relationship a “second chance”, kind of.

How exactly, you ask.  The premise is pretty simple, users send in photos of former boyfriends or girlfriends and facial-recognition software will scan the photo and then find you potential lookalike loves.

The service comes with a steep price though, $5,000 for a six month membership.

So why would Match think this a good idea?  According to the founder of the matchmaking service, “people have a type…and a lot of it is about face shape”.

In addition to the facial-recognition scan, Match will also assign clients with a professional matchmaker who will screen potential partners based on career, salary, similar interests, etc.

They will also go on a “pre-date” for you to make sure the potential mate is not a waste of your time.

So what do you think creepy or cute?!



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