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York City police arrest suspect in shooting




Fahim Sanders

UPDATE: Police say the shooting Saturday morning in York involved a disagreement over $30. Police arrested Fahim Sanders and charged him with attempted homicide after he allegedly shot Marcielle Haley in the upper back. Haley was taken to York Hospital for treatment.

Police say Sanders used to live with Haley and another woman who was with them Saturday morning. Police say the woman reminded Sanders about the $30 and “to pay up when he could.” She described the reminder as “non-confrontational.” Police say as Haley walked away, Sanders shot him.

Sanders is in the York County Prison after a judge set his bail at $500,000.


A suspect was arrested Saturday in connection with a shooting that injured a man in York City, police said. Officers were on patrol along the 300 block of West Market Street on an unrelated call when they heard shots fired at Penn and Market Streets around 9:52 a.m.

Police found Marciele Haley, 32, at the scene with a gunshot wound to his back.  Haley was taken to York Hospital for treatment.

Officers were able to make a quick arrest.

Investigators say the unidentified suspect is facing attempted homicide charges and firearms violations.


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