Couple’s dachshund attacked and killed by pit bull in Carlisle park

Cumberland County resident Bill Smith got his dachshund Schatzie for his 79th birthday. “They sit this cardboard box on my lap and say happy birthday and this little head pops out of it and she just looked at me and I loved her right then,” Smith said. Schatzie’s life was cut short Friday morning when Smith said a pit bull attacked her. “He grabbed her right around the throat, and I had a walking stick with me,” Smith said.

Bill tried to get the pit bull to release Schatzie but the pit bull would not let go despite Bill striking the dog multiple times with the walking stick. When the pit bull finally let go, it was too late. “She took one last breath and she was gone,” Smith’s wife Sieglinde said. “And we went to the hospital and they declared her dead, that’s all I can tell you. Our hearts broke.”

Carlisle Police cited the dog’s owner Brittany Over with harboring a dangerous dog. The pit bull was euthanized the day after the attack.