New Hope Charter Parents hope judge will rule in their favor against York City School District

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Concerned parents whose kids attended New Hope Charter School say they don’t deserve to be without a school this upcoming fall.

In November 2013, parents filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the York City School District.  The allege the process to close New Hope was nothing more than a sham.

Parents’ attorney, Sean Summers says the move is not justified.  He says, “In October 2011, they came up with their analysis for their annual review and they gave New Hope passing grades.”

In 2011, Governor Corbett removed Charter School Secondary Reimbursement to the school district.

Summers says, “The state sent money to the public school district and the district passed along money to New Hope Charter on a per pupil bases.  Prior to 2011, the school district was allowed to keep some of that money.”

Summers says this move left the York City School District in a financial bind.  Shortly after, New Hope was notified it wouldn’t have its charter renewed.

Summers says when the funding formula changed for the State, the district formed a committee to find reasons to shut down New Hope.  Summer says the district cited violations that were never a problem in the past.

“A lot of schools in the school district in the city will use the challenge Academy for troubled children.  The state has a form required to be filled out to send children there.  So the school district alleged the form was not filled out,” says Summers.

The York City School District would receive around $10 mil if New Hope Charter School remains closed.  This money comes from the charter school’s nearly 750 students who would need to enroll in York City in the fall.

If the judge rules in the parents’ favor, the district pays $5 mil in damages.  Taxpayers would owe the money.  We reached out to the district administrators and school board members to hear more about the violations leading to New Hopes Closure.  We are awaiting response.  The District currently needs to close a $4.9 mil budget gap.