Local News

DCC helps a Halifax Couple achieve dream of farm ownership

With the help of Dauphin County Commissioners, a dream is becoming reality for one soon-to-be-married couple.

Casara Gross and her fiancé both grew up on farms and have dreamed of owning their own as well as working the soil. Now, through the state’s Next Generation Farm Program for first-time farmers, banks will give tax-exempt financing to the Halifax couple– allowing them to buy land and equipment for a 103 acre farm.

” A payment on the mortgage, as everybody knows, is pretty high and while farm land is much more than the regular  wonderful family mortgage so it’s very beneficial to us, ” Gross said.

Under the program– which is administered by the Dauphin County Industrial Development Board– the couple is borrowing more than $300,000  through the bank at an interest rate at least 1.5 percent lower than regular loans. The couple will also get another $300,000 loan through the Department of Agriculture.

Casara and her fiancé are getting married in August and plan to grow corn, soy beans. as well as hay on their farm.


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