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War Veteran walks endless miles to raise awareness of veteran support

With every step comes a sacrifice, but that’s part of Eric Peters’ mission.  He hopes to spread awareness of veteran support.  Peters, of New Jersey, returned to American soil three years ago after serving in Afghanistan.  He now walks down the highway waving his American Flag.  He’s been walking since Friday, Jun2 20th, starting in New Jersey.  He’s proud to have served overseas, but he faces challenges as he tries to transition into civilian life.  He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.  He says veterans affairs should treat vets better than they do.  Peters will continue to walk to raise awareness until he reaches California.  He’ll make a stop at the state’s Capital sometime Saturday.

Peters says, “I see how the vets are being treated by the VA and it’s crazy.  Just help out, it’s not time to stand down, give extra hope.”

Peters is also raising money for the Blanchfield Army Hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  He hopes to raise $100,000.  If you’d like to help, click here.


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