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Fugitive wanted for murder returns to Harrisburg after 33 years on the run

After 33 years on the run, Joseph Miller can no longer hide from the law.

“With the Marshal Service, you can run for so long but you can’t hide forever,” said Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marsico.

Miller was wanted for the 1981 murder of Thomas Waller in Harrisburg.

Police say Miller was out on parole at the time of Waller’s death, after serving time for murdering another man in Harrisburg back in 1959.

“For 33 years, even though josephmillerit’s just an allegation at this point, there’s a victim’s family that has been crying out for justice,” said Jim Cunfer, Chief Deputy of the United States Marshal Service.

The U.S. Marshal Service captured Miller in Mineola, Texas in April 2014, where he had been living under the alias, Roy Eubanks.

Detectives say during his time on the run, he had been working as a construction worker and cook in a nursing home.

“He said that he’s lived so long as Roy Eubanks, he forgot who Joe Miller was. He said he left Joe Miller the day he left Harrisburg,” said Detective Rick Gibney with the Harrisburg Police Department.

The Dauphin County District Attorney says despite the case being several decades old, they will move forward with seeking justice.

“There will certainly be some logistical headaches in locating some witnesses that might not be around for various reasons some 30 years later, but from a police and prosecution perspective, we have what we need to get started and to get ready to prosecute Mr. Miller for this crime,” Marsico said.


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