March against gun violence moves through Harrisburg

“Not One More,” that’s the cry from activists in Harrisburg who want to put an end to gun violence, illegal gun use and protect the children in our communities.
The “Not One More” March went through the streets of Harrisburg to the State Capitol steps on Saturday.
It’s the third march organized by Terry Slade of Steelton, in honor of his son Teddy, who was killed with an illegal gun in Harrisburg last year.
Activists marched to send a message to legislators in our state that there needs to be legislation on things like magazine limits and background and health checks before purchasing a gun. They say it will help prevent parents from knowing the pain of losing their child to the violence.
“If I had one simple message, it would be just get one gun off the street and if we’re lucky, we can get two, that one gun may be your child, bullets don’t care about ethnicity, politics, finances, none of that matters when it’s a bullet, you don’t want to bury your child,” Terry Slade said.
The statewide gun violence prevention organization “Cease Fire” partnered with Slade and supporters for the march.
Activists say the solution to the issues also starts with young people because the violence is becoming part of their culture.