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Memorial honors black militiaman who died defending Wrightsville

No one knows his name, but in York County, his historic service will be remembered.

War veterans and community leaders gathered at Mount Pisgah Cemetary in Wrightsville for a memorial service dedicated to the unknown black militiaman who died defending  the bridge across the Susquehanna River during the Civil War.

151 years ago, the man was digging trenches to protect the town when he was killed by shrapnel.

“It’s very important because it’s history. It’s a historic event he was the only soldier, be it black or white, to die during this surge from the rebels. And because of his efforts, they were able to preserve the bridge, ” Social Friendship Mason Lodge #42 Prince Hall Mason member Doug Smallwood said.

Memorial organizers say they wanted to honor the man after last year’s memorial only honored a confederate soldier. The marker also honors other African-American soldiers who served during the Civil War.


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