Doctors say teen died from caffeine overdose

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An Ohio teen is dead after doctors say he took caffeine powder that is legal in some states.

Logan Stiner died in May just a few days before he would have graduated from high school. The 18-year-old was found dead at his home, but it took more than a month to figure out what killed him.

Dr. Stephen Evans, the County Coroner said, “We had never seen this before.”

Stiner’s autopsy didn’t reveal anything, but after a bag of caffeine powder was found, they retested his blood.  According to the doctor he had a deadly amount in his system and even just one teaspoon of the powder mixed with water would be like drinking 30 cups of coffee at once.

“What it does leads into cardiac arrhythmias, which is speeding heart and it leads into seizures. And those two things are what took his life.” Said Dr. Evans.

The powder isn’t illegal  in Ohio and it’s available all over the internet.

Ohio State Senator Gayle Manning says she feels for Logan’s family and is looking into ways to deal with this problem.

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