Businessman hangs patriotic sign after initially being told to take it down

Rudy Kocman is proud to be an American. So when his wife suggested that he put a sign on the lawn of his insurance business that says ‘Celebrate Freedom,’ he listened. “We thought we would just put a really nice patriotic message out there,” Kocman said.

The community put their unofficial seal of approval on the sign as well. “We have people over there fighting for us and I think this is just one man’s way of saying thank you,” York County resident Deanna Tabackin said.

Not everyone in Springettsbury Township feels the same way. Rudy said on Tuesday, a Springettsbury Township Code Officer cam and told him to take it down. “There could be fines of up to five hundred dollars a day,” Kocman said. “So that caught my attention, and being a small business owner that’s a relatively big number.”

Rudy went back to the township and they told him that he could display the sign under certain conditions. “We needed to number one get a permit,” Kocman said. “And number two, the sign has to be attached to the building.”

Kocman purchased the $25 permit, and he hung the banner on his building. Kocman said he plans to keep the sign up this weekend and possibly longer. “We may just reapply then for another fourteen day permit and keep it up through the summer,” Kocman said.