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Fireworks show at Santander Stadium


Thousands packed the 4th of July celebration at Santander Stadium in York.

Doors opened at 3:30 and the event featured a carnival, music performances, and of course, the fireworks.

“Not to be arrogant about it, but we think we put on a really good show,” says General Manager Eric Menzer. “We do this 70 nights a year, we do fireworks 10 or 11 times a year, lots of other cool things, so we know how to help families have a good time and that’s what this is really all about.”

Organizers estimated up to 15,000 people would attend.


1 Comment to “Fireworks show at Santander Stadium”

    John said:
    July 5, 2014 at 5:28 PM

    My family and friends went to enjoy the fireworks but did not see half of them because of the location they set them off at. If they don’t change the location we will not return next year. I wish they would of told all the people by the playground area they would not see them. A rush of people ran from the field so they could see them. Please change the location. Thanks

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