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Deadly train crash; no gates or warning lights at RR crossing where car was hit

Police say the family of three was driving across the tracks on Cly Road in Newberry Township, York County, to a gathering on the river.
There are no gates or warning lights at the crossing, but police say the train engineer was blaring the horn.

It happened before 5:00 p.m. Saturday. Police say a man, woman and child were in the car.
It was on the tracks when the train hit the car broadside, on its passenger side and pushed it down the tracks.
The female passenger was pronounced dead on the scene.
The male driver and the child were flown to Penn State Hershey Medical Center.
Police say the child is one to two years old and she was awake and responsive after the crash.
Norfolk Southern says the train was pulling 45 empty cars and the track speed is 40 miles per hour in this area.
Officials will review the computer system on the train for records of its speed and other details.

Sgt. Richard Rocco with Newberry Township Police says, “Newberry Township Police and Norfolk Southern will be investigating from all angles to see what took place. The car was pushed approximately 45 yards down the tracks and then basically pushed off the tracks into a wooded area.”

Two crew members were on board the train at the time, they were not injured.
Norfolk Southern says this is a crossing on private property and that’s why there are no gates or warning lights. A representative says there is a crossing sign.
He says the agreement on safety features at a private crossing is decided between the property owner and the railroad.

Police say documents show the family listed at an address in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.


2 Comments to “Deadly train crash; no gates or warning lights at RR crossing where car was hit”

    Erica said:
    July 6, 2014 at 9:34 AM

    Prayers going out to their family. …this is truly heartbreaking

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