Mom promoting breastfeeding, nurses her 3 year old along with her 3 week old

Online she’s known as the ‘Badass Breastfeeder’, but to her friends and family she’s Abby Theuring.

Theuring started off as just a normal mom trying to figure out what breastfeeding was all about, but has now become a vocal advocate for breastfeeding mothers.

She continues to nurse both her 3 year old and 3 week old whenever and wherever they need her, hoping that the public will someday see the act of breastfeeding as no big deal.

She says she’s never gotten a reaction from anyone in public while beast feeding her kids, but online is a different story.

“Everyone loves a boob until you put a baby on it,” says Theuring, “then it just blows their mind. It just freaks them out.”

Her message is all about promoting nursing, especially in public.

If you’d like to join the conversation with Abby, you can get in touch with her at: or on her Facebook