York woman recovering from pit bull attack

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“I thought when he started biting me he would stop,” says York resident Bonnie Cole.

She’s talking about one of the three pit bulls that attacked her on Friday. The dogs did not stop. She is now left with missing chunks of flesh, torn tendons and fear.

“At this point, the only thing I can say, I’m afraid to come home,” Cole said. “If the dogs are still there, I don’t want to go home.”

Cole was mowing her front lawn at her home on Lincoln Street when a 9-month-old pit bull chewed through a fence and after, that’s when the three dogs escaped the backyard.

Cole is now being treated for her injuries at Wellspan Rehab.


“It should never really have happened,” says her son, Justin Cole. “People should be responsible for their animals.”

The dogs’ owners have three kids and they said that the dogs were never violent before. According to the owners, the 9-month-old pit bull was the one biting Cole, but witnesses say that all three were on her.

The attack ended when a man who Cole does not know came to her aid, but his bravery brings tears to her eyes. “He put his arm around me and then the neighbor lady she came out, and she held onto me too,” Cole said.

The pain is severe to the point where Cole is unable to walk, and surgery was needed for the tendons in her right arm.

Cole will need rehab to be able to walk again, and the owners said that the three dogs will be put down.