Local News

Cleanup efforts continue in York Co. following storms

Pat McCleary says she woke up to quite a mess Wednesday morning.

Heavy rain and winds ripped through West Manchester Township Tuesday evening, bringing down dozens of trees and power lines, leaving behind debris scattered along the roadways.

“It’s going to take a while for ustorms to clean up; it’s a big mess,” K.C. McCleary said.

While the storm may be over, for Pat and her two sons, K.C. and Kevin, the clean up process has just begun at her house along Carlisle Road.

“Lots of sawing and hauling wood and going to the mulch pile,” K.C. said.

It’s a job the McCleary brothers say, they’re happy to do for their mom.

“It’s a big job, too much of a property for her, so we’re trying to keep it nice for her,” he said.

“I loved this place when we bought it 45 years ago because it had so many trees, but in instances like this, not so much,” Pat said.


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