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Criticism of Governor’s line item veto decisions


 BoyleHighRes Photo

Representative Brendan F. Boyle issues the following statement following Governor Corbett’s press conference:

“Governor Corbett’s transparent campaign rhetoric does not line up with the reality of the situation many Pennsylvania families face.  Today, the Governor highlighted the struggles many people have saving for college, supporting their loved ones, and bettering their lives. His sympathy is in contrast to his actions, since tax breaks for his friends in big business starve our schools and deprive our families of vital programs.

Over the past three and a half years Governor Corbett has given away our Commonwealth’s natural resources and initiated unbalanced tax policies that are only beneficial to major corporations; now he wants to eliminate earned benefits for working and middle class families to make up for his failure to bring in revenue.  On top this failure, Governor Corbett has turned down significant federal funding and left 500,000 Pennsylvanian’s needlessly uninsured due to his failure to expand Medicaid.  Pennsylvania families are not responsible for the Governor’s budget shortfalls, and they will not stand for his slash and burn agenda and refusal to do what’s right .

Rather than continue to recklessly abandon the interest of our working and middle class we should be focusing on raising household incomes, investing in our students, and fulfilling our commitment to our pension program.  Governor Corbett’s disconnect has sent us down a dangerous path that we must reverse soon.  We have the ability to create a better future and a plan to get there.  It’s time to enact common sense solutions.”


1 Comment to “Criticism of Governor’s line item veto decisions”

    MyViewpoint said:
    July 10, 2014 at 4:39 PM

    Is any other state having the budget problems that PA is having?

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