FOX43 Prepares for the Can-Am Police-Fire Games

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The much anticipated Can-Am Police-Fire games come to York County July 13-20, 2014.  The games pit firefighters, police, and EMS workers skills and abilities to the ultimate test. Organized courses and games test the physical and mental resolve of the participants, visiting York County from all over the United States and Canada.

A few anchors from FOX43 decide to partake in a modified version of one of the events. It’s a firefighter skills challenge course is set up at the York County Fire School in Emigsville. Evan, Heather, Amanda, Chris, and Jeff are all up for a challenge.

Richard Halpin, head of the York County Fire School helps set up the course for the FOX43 crew. It’s a three part course, designed to push the crew to the limit. The tasks are designed to test their speed, strength, agility, and endurance.

Here’s the first test. Each person must run to a 4 foot or 8 foot wall, jump it and run half way back. Then, drag a dummy (175lb or 135lb) to the wall and back, about 100 feet total. Next, run back to the wall and jump over it again. Finally, with whatever strength is left, sprint back to the starting line. Oh, it’s a good 80°+ on the course, with plenty of humidity and hot sun to set the mood.

The second test is for speed. Hook up a hose to a fire hydrant. Then run to a line 100 feet away, dragging the hose. Next, roll up a 50 foot length of hose, grab it, and rush back to the start line. This is modified from the real test, which involves two hoses to hook up and drag and two hoses to roll and run.

The final test is one of endurance and upper body strength. It starts by putting on a breathing air pack on the participants back. Grab two air cylinders and climb three stories. Drop the cylinders and then pull a 42 pound hose on a rope, up and over the railing. Then, grab the cylinders and head back down the steps. Finally, they hook a nozzle up to a hose. In the real event, you do the stair climb and descent twice!

The FOX43 crew makes it through the events, just barely. All of the anchors are tired, worn out, and ready to sit and watch the real participants take part in the games.

For a schedule of the games and times, click the York Can-AM Police-Fire Games link.