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Bear cub spotted again in Upper Allen Township



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There was another black bear sighting in Upper Allen Township on Sunday, police said.

This time–the cub was seen in the area of Mayfield Drive and the cemetery at the corner of Gettysburg Pike and East Winding Hill Road. Investigators say the latest sighing was around 1 p.m.

If residents see or encounter a bear in Upper Allen Township , police advise the public to:

  • Notify police immediately by calling (717)¬†238-9676 so they can monitor the area and reduce the risk to the surrounding residents.
  • Do not offer any food to the bear
  • Move¬† trash containers and bird feeders inside, so as not to attract bears
  • Do not approach or antagonize the bear
The Pennsylvania Game Commission has been contacted about the recent bear sightings.

The cub was first spotted on Saturday roaming along Broadmoor Drive near the Upper Allen Police Station and in nearby neighborhoods of the Graham Hills Apartments, Gray Place, Dartmouth Court and Wyncote Court.


1 Comment to “Bear cub spotted again in Upper Allen Township”

    matthew said:
    July 14, 2014 at 2:07 PM

    I just got a video of him playing on my neighbors kids swing

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