Officials discuss pension reform plan in Harrisburg

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and other lawmakers are battling over a pension reform plan for state workers.

The issue was key in the negotiations over the state’s budget. But, lawmakers did not pass a bill to reform the system.

On Tuesday, Cumberland County Representative Glenn Grell presented his plan, which would be similar to a 401k at a luncheon in Harrisburg, It differs from the plan the Governor got behind, which is a hybrid of the existing system and a plan like a 401k.

“This is a problem he didn’t create, and he’s trying his best. The problem is, what’s out there doesn’t solve the short-term problem; doesn’t solve the long-term problem. All it does is put employees in an inferior pension plan,” Grell said.

The governor’s plan would not affect current employees and retirees– only new hires.

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