Sen. Bob Casey to introduce bill that protects consumers from defective products

casey2Pennsylvania U.S. Senator, Bob Casey, will introduce a bill in response to the General Motors ignition switch defect.

The Hide No Harm Act would make it illegal for a corporation to knowingly conceal a product or action that could put the consumer in danger.

Senator Casey will be joined by Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal at 11:15AM at the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, D.C.


  • The Opinionated One

    Sen. Casey should introduce a bill that protects consumers from "defective" politicians.

    • Joe

      Sure it is. For people not running for re-election, it is called fraud. That is why GM and its ilk pay huge settlements to avoid going to court and'/or facing prosecution. For those running for re-election it is to give the illusion that they know what they're doing and are actually doing something.

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