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By Drew Anderson, Meteorologist

An area of high pressure controls our weather on Friday and brings mostly sunny skies.


With that sun, our highs will climb to the low 80s.


Enjoy another day with low humidity because on Saturday, you’ll notice the return of more humid conditions.
A few showers and thunderstorms will pop up Saturday afternoon.
Then, the weather starts repeating.
We’ll have hot and humid conditions for the first half of next week.


Each afternoon (Saturday through Wednesday), some showers and thunderstorms will bubble up.  Some of those thunderstorms will have pockets of heavy rain and gusty winds.
Highs will top out in the mid 80s this weekend.


On Monday, our highs climb to the upper 80s.


Then, the 90s return for Tuesday and Wednesday.
Would you believe that high pressure will help bring those afternoon storms next week!?
See, a huge area of high pressure will set up over the Plains and the Southwest.  An area of high pressure has clockwise flow.  On the edge of the very area of high pressure/clockwise flow, showers and storms will pop up and ride that far outer flow.


Because we’ll sit on that edge of high pressure, we’ll get the summer afternoon thunderstorms.
The Plains will enjoy what we know high pressure for—sunny conditions.
Don’t worry.  We’ll eventually get those sunny and dry conditions.

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