PA lawmakers now have plaques noting their crimes attached to their portraits

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Four Pennsylvania lawmakers that have been convicted of a crime now have a plaque attached to their portraits at the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

The decision to add the plaques was a compromise between taking the pictures down all together.

‘Do you remove the portraits or do you do something else?’” said Stephen Miskin, a spokesman for House Speaker Sam Smith, a Republican from Punxsutawney. “You can’t change history, whether you like it or not. There was a feeling you should keep the portraits out there and let people make up their own mind.”

Robert Mellow (D)-Lackawanna Co pleaded guilty to political corruption and tax evasion.

Bill DeWeese (D)-Waynesburg and John Perzel (R)-Philadelphia were jailed in connection with using state resources for campaigning.

Herbert Fineman (D)-Philadelphia was convicted on two counts of obstruction of justice.

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