Washington, D.C. force to compost or face fines

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compostWhen it comes to trash, we’ve all gotten used to separating our “trash” from our recyclables.  But, now in Washington D.C., residents will have to separate their table scraps as well.

City council passed a bill requiring everyone to compost; and if they don’t, they’ll face a fine.

Five years ago San Francisco became the first big city in the United States to require all residents to compost. Now, other cities are following suit.

Composting cuts down on waste, but some people are wondering how convenient it’s going to be…especially those who live in apartments without yards.

Lawmakers say they’ll ease into it, educating everyone on how to compost first. They add it will likely be 2017 before the program  is up and running.  But once it is running, residents will be fined for failing to separate their trash properly.