“Poor door” approved for NYC luxury condo building

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A New York City condominium just got the green light for a special entrance some are calling the “poor door.”

It’s a planned special entrance for tenants who live in affordable housing in the luxury building. The owner got approval for it from the city in exchange for providing affordable housing for tenants.

Some lawmakers say this is segregation, but not everyone feels that way.

“There is unfairness to both sides, but that’s part of living in America,” one man said.

He said a similar affordable housing setup is available in his building, but there are now separate entrances.

“I think it’s equitable,” the man said.

A spokesman for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio blames the Bloomberg administration for the signing off on the plan.

He says the current administration is in the process of changing it.

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  • Pearl Duncan

    What's being overlooked in this news and the discussion is that at these rents, the so-called poor in this news are the city's teachers, nurses, social workers, firefighters and other service, retail and corporate professionals.

    Developers and the city are reverting to conditions that existed in colonial times when the British royals who owned the city did not allow the workers who built and serviced the city to live in it. I wrote an article describing the conditions in the city at that time. http://www.hnn.us/article/156328

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