Parents of toddlers killed by dresser charged in death

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deadlydresserOutside of Pittsburgh in  Aliquippa, two toddlers died when they were crushed underneath a dresser earlier this month.

Now their parents are facing charges.

The father, David Beatty Junior is facing involuntary manslaughter.

The mother, Jennifer Beatty is charged with endangering her children, by letting them live in filthy conditions.

She was not home at the time.

Police say if the father acted quickly, the girls would still be alive.

The Beaver County District Attorney Anthony  Berosh said, ” “He left the room and approximately ten minutes later, he heard a crash. He didn’t respond to that for another 20 or so minutes.”

Defense Attorney, Dale Fouse said, “Anybody who raises children knows that they make bangs occasionally. There will be noises in the house. Children are not silent. They get involved in things. That happens routinely.”

The parents are free on bond this morning.