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Judge rules D.C. ban on gun carry rights unconstitutional

People who live in Washington, D.C. can now carry guns in public. A federal judge this weekend that the district’s initial ban is unconstitutional violating the Second Amendment.

According to court documents, the 2008 law mandated that handgun owners specify where they planned to use their guns and denied permits to anyone planning to carry handguns outside of their homes.

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The judge ordered a reversal on the law immediately, but police officers have not yet been told to stop enforcing it.

The D.C. attorney general’s office is reportedly reviewing the ruling. This is our TOPIC OF THE DAY.

What do you think about this ruling? Should residents be able to carry handguns outside the home? Just go to our FOX43 Facebook pages and join in on the conversation.


  • MyViewpoint

    Since DC was not a state, it has been different in so many ways.

    Funny how it used to be the murder capital of the US and then turned itself around. Let's see where this ruling takes it.

    • Joe

      Turned itself around? You really don't get out much, do you? The Washington Post on line should educate you. DC is a federal district and is neither state nor territory. Neither MD nor VA wants it back. Number zip in education.

  • weimerheimer

    DC being a District, or not a State, or what not … is still a part of the United States and under that it's people still have the Right of the 2nd Amendment. Kudos for the Judge in his ruling!!!!

    Molon Labe ……

    • MyViewpoint

      Guam and other US holdings that are not states may differ in opinion about the rights afforded to them.

      • Joe

        DC and Guam are not even close to being similar. You went to a union school, didn't you. You probably think Puerto Rico is a state.

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