25-year-old Independent Congressional Candidate makes history

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One man running for congress in Pennsylvania’s 10th District is making history.

D.C. native Nick Troiano is the first-ever Independent Congressional Candidate in PA’s 10th District and is the only Independent Congressional Candidate from PA this year.

At 25-years-old, Troiano is the youngest candidate for Congress in the nation in 2014.

Today, Troiano revealed he collected enough signatures to secure his name on the general election ballot in November. He needed at least 3,592 and he was able to get 7,053.

“We’re willing to join together across generations, across physical locations, and yes, even across political persuasions to demand that our politicians stop serving themselves and start serving we the people once again,” Troiano said.

Troiano spent the last several months traveling through the district collecting signatures.

His platform is focused on developing the best ideas to advance fiscal responsibility, economic mobility and environmental sustainability