Pa Liquor Control Board lowers fee for Tavern Gaming License

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Hoping to spark renewed interest, the PLCB voted unanimously today to lower the fee of a Tavern Gaming License is cut from $2,000 to $500.  A recent legislative change allowed the PLCB to drop the fee to a minimum of $500.  The new fee applies to all new Tavern Gaming License applicants and to three applicants who have yet to pay the license fee.

Here’s how the Tavern Gaming License process works: An applicant submits an application packet along with $2,000. This nonrefundable application fee will not change. One thousand dollars remains with the PLCB for processing and $1,000 goes to the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission for a background investigation. After a successful background investigation is complete, the application goes before the PLCB.

If the PLCB approves the application, the licensee must pay a fee to receive the license. This is the license fee that was changed today. By statute, the license fee goes directly to the commonwealth’s General Fund. It does not go to the PLCB.

As of July 30, there have been 21 Tavern Gaming Licenses issued. Three applicants were approved by the PLCB and will receive their licenses once they pay the new, lower license fee. Two other applications are being processed and investigated.

“The PLCB remains willing to work with the Legislature to streamline and improve the Tavern Gaming License application process,” said Board Member Tim Holden.


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  • Ronda Zeigler

    The PCLB needs to address the 21 gaming licensee recipients who paid the $2,000 license fee. These licensees should each receive a $1,500 credit towards future renewal fees. We were told we would not pay the $1,000 renewal fee for 2015. Therefore the credit should be applied towards 2016 and 2017 fees.

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