Dauphin County CYS issue statement on death of 9 year old boy in Harrisburg

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An 8 Year Old Boy Found Dead Inside Harrisburg Home

Dauphin County Children and Youth Services Assistant Administrator Kirsten A. Johnson released the following statement regarding the death of 9-year-old Jarrod Tutko Jr.:


“This case is one of the most disturbing cases to which our children and youth personnel has had to respond.”


“Under Pennsylvania law, I am greatly constrained from pouring my heart out and discussing the sad details of this matter.”


“I can assure you that our Children and Youth Services agency has been and will continue to cooperate with and assist the District Attorney’s Office and the Harrisburg City Police to be sure justice is brought to this deceased child.”


“In accordance with our child death investigative protocol, law enforcement and child protective services will conduct a joint investigation into the circumstances surrounding the child’s death.  Additionally, there is an independent review process by the state Department of Public Welfare, and that process begins within 24 hours of a death.”