This is creepy: Have you ever seen a bear do this?

This video was posted to YouTube saying it was shot in New Jersey on Monday morning.  The bear can be seen walking around the neighborhood, almost entirely on its hind legs.

It takes a look into trashcans and then as it disappears into the woods it continues to walk upright. It almost makes you believe you’ve seen Bigfoot as you catch a glimpse of the dark creature in between the trees.

The bear is believed to be a ‘bipedal bear‘ meaning it walks on its hind legs.

Most bears only walk upright for a limited time, but this bear may have injured one of its front paws, causing it to walk upright more often and become quite good at it!

This video captured a bear walking upright in July, also in New Jersey. Could it be the same bear?  You can see the bear starting around 2:20.


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