11-year-old cancer survivor invents chemo backpack

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An 11-year-old cancer survivor in Connecticut created an invention to help other kids with cancer.

Kylie Simonds was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, three years ago.

She went through weeks of chemotherapy treatments and she told WTNH, “I used to have to use the I-V poles and I always tripped over all the wires. It was hard to walk around, and I always had to have someone push it for me because I was kind a weak when I was in chemo.”

Kylie didn’t want other kids to have to deal with the problem either, so she came up with a pediatric I-V backpack. Her prototype won multiple awards at the CT Invention Convention and even earned her a U.S. Provisional Patent.

She is now raising money in order to get her backpacks made.

Click here to visit her GoFundMe page, and to donate.