Mother of Harrisburg boy found dead speaks out at son’s vigil

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The mother of 9 year old Jarrod Tutko Junior, Kimberly Tutko, spoke to FOX43 Friday night, showing her face on camera for the first time since her son’s death. Harrisburg police found Jarrod Jr. a week ago Friday. They say he was living in a room covered in feces.

Kimberly Tutko stepped outside her home Friday evening, just in time for her son’s vigil, showing her swollen eyes and grief to the public for the first time.

“I’m living in my home that used to be filled with noise – kids running around around and now nothing. My normal everyday routine that I’ve done is just not there no more and it’s hard being in there,” said Kimberly Tutko.

Kimberly called police a week ago after her husband told her that their son, Jarrod Jr., had been dead for days. She says he concealed his death, but why – she has no idea. New information released by police on Thursday states that he covered the decomposing body smell with moth balls and bleach. Kimberly thought the foul odor was dead mice, until Jarrod Sr. admitted Jarrod Jr. had been dead for days. We asked her if she has spoken with her husband who’s currently behind bars, facing charges in connection with his son’s death.

“I really right now don’t even care for my husband, I don’t even want to talk about it,” says Tutko.

She told FOX43 she could not disclose of the conversation they had.

Avis Knight, who set up Friday’s vigil, lives a few doors down from the Tutkos. She named it, “the boy on Green who was never seen,” since many in the neighborhood didn’t know he existed.

Kimberly says she wants her son back, but she’s glad he’s at peace. For now she’s focused on getting the rest of her children home.

“I loved them they were my world. And now my world is gone, everything is gone,” says Kimberly.


  • Kerri

    She loved him but didn't check on him for days???? ummm okay…assuming she was also living in this house – her routine, as she calls it is probably what killed him and if not, it could have…don't feel sorry for her…I feel sorry for the boy and the other children…I hope they don't fall for this and give her her kids back….visitation fine, because those kids need to know their parents but they don't need to be living like this…don't forget, these other siblings will never see their brother again!!!

  • Sheila

    She claims hearing them running around and playing was her “everyday” routine, but yet she didn’t know he was dead for several days?

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