Multiple arrests in bath salts probe in Lebanon County

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The Lebanon County Drug Task Force arrest a dozen suspects in connection in a year long investigation into the distribution and use of bath salts within the county.  An alleged conspiracy to distribute those controlled substances and designer drugs was initiated in the summer of 2013 by Carl Luther Clawser II, and others.

Carl Clawser 2

Carl Luther Clawser II


In August 2013, Clawser came to the attention of authorities when he crashed a vehicle which contained synthetic cannabinoids, marijuana, bath salt, prescription pills and drug paraphernalia in addition to two stolen firearms. Clawser was charged with eighteen drug violations and eight crimes code violations by the South Lebanon Township Police as a result of the incident.


On October 1, 2013, the North Londonderry Police Department conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle operated by Clawser. During a search of the vehicle they found substances, including bath salts and paraphernalia.
On October 16, 2013, the North Londonderry Police Department stopped a vehicle operated by Macey Lilley in which they recovered drug packaging and drug paraphernalia which appeared to be consistent with the items known to be possessed by Clawser.

Canby Lilley MUGS
As the investigation progressed it became known that Clawser’s source for the bath salts was a head shop in the Baltimore Maryland area and that only Clawser or his trusted associates had the connection to obtain the product from that location.
On November 13, 2013, the North Londonderry Police Department stopped a vehicle operated by Carl “Bubba’ Clawser III, the son of Carl Clawser. Clawser was found in possession of suspected bath salt, paraphernalia.


On November 14, 2013, the North Londonderry Police Department responded to a crash again involving Carl Clawser II. During a search of the vehicle Clawser was found in possession of bath salts and drug paraphernalia in addition to shotgun and handgun ammunition.
On December 11, 2013, the North Londonderry Police Department had contact with James Hitz and Carl “Bubba” Clawser in the parking lot of an area motel. During this contact, Bubba was operating a vehicle owned by Jody Worm of Palm City Trailer Park. Hitz was in possession of paraphernalia and Clawser was found in possession of an unregistered firearm in addition to bath salts and paraphernalia.
As this investigation progressed, police continued to have contact with Clawser and/or his known associates on traffic stops or at local hotels. In each occasion, these subjects were found in possession of packaging material and paraphernalia alleged to being distributed by Clawser and others affiliated with him.
On December 17, the Lebanon County Drug Task Force began making buys of synthetic cannabinoids and bath salts from Clawser’s known associates using confidential informants. Controlled buys were made from Stephen Bordner’ s residence at 131 Guilford Street on five occasions through May 2014.
On January 29, 2014, DTF and North Londonderry Twp Police went to the Clawser residence at 185 Lewis Road Annville, PA. Clawser was found to be in possession of bath salts and paraphernalia upon his person. Jody Worm was also present with Clawser. A search was conducted of her vehicle and marihuana, bath salts, prescription medications including morphine, Phencyclidine, Dihydrocodeinone, Alprazolam, Clonazepam, and Lorazepam was found in unmarked bags or containers in addition to numerous smoking devices, storage containers, new packaging materials, scales and other paraphernalia.
A search warrant was obtained for Clawser’s residence and additional quantities of marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, bath salts and pills were located in addition to drug paraphernalia. Additionally three firearms were located within the residence. At the time it is alleged Ricky “Gizmo” Canby and Sandra Green were also living within the residence.


Additionally, controlled buys were made of bath salts from Christopher Geist at his residence located at 520 North Chapel St. Lebanon, Hector Espada at 1018 Cumberland Street, and Jody Checket and David Shade at 7th & Willow Street.
On April 16, 2014, DTF found Carl “Bubba” Clawser, David Shade and Macey Lilley in a room at a Lebanon area motel. Both Clawser and Lilley were taken into custody on outstanding warrants. Controlled substances packaged for sale including bath salts, marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids in addition to drug paraphernalia was found upon their persons and/or within their control.
On May 13, 2014, a search warrant was conducted upon Stephen Bordner’s residence at 131 Guilford St Lebanon. Quantities of designer drugs, cutting agents and drug paraphernalia relating to the sales and use of these substances was found within Bordner’ s bedroom as well as under the control of others residing in the home.
It is alleged the persons thus far charged operated in conjunction with one another in a common scheme to distribute these substances under the direction of Carl Clawser. After Clawser’s incarceration, his son, “Bubba” controlled the distribution of these substances and as he and others were arrested, control shifted to their other associates.


Charges relating to this investigation have been made against the following, which are currently held in the Lebanon County Correctional Facility pending preliminary hearings.

Checket Paine Shade Bordner MUGS
Carl Clawser II –  Annville
Bubba Clawser – Transient
David Shade – Lebanon

Jennifer Paine –  Lebanon
Jodi Checket – Lebanon
Jody Worm – Annville

Geist Espada Worm Green MUGS
Macey Lilley – Lebanon
Sandra Green –  Lebanon
Stephen Bordner – Lebanon
Christopher Geist – Lebanon
Hector Espada –  Lebanon
Charges are expected to be filed against additional associates as the investigation is ongoing.
A felony warrant of arrest exists for Ricky “Gizmo” Canby – 616 Elm Street, Lebanon, PA 17042. Canby fled from police in the 200 block of S. 6th Street Lebanon on July 31. Anyone with information on Canby is requested to contact their police department or Lebanon County Crime Stoppers at 717-270-9800



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