Keystone Cluster Dog Shows draw a crowd in Harrisburg

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The State Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg was filled with nearly 1,000 dogs this weekend.
The furry creatures were strutting their stuff for the Keystone Cluster Dog Shows.
On Sunday, pups from the Harrisburg Kennel Club were competing in agility, rally, group and other competitions. The dogs are judged on how well they fit the standard of their breed.
Owners come from all across the country to take part.
Neal Henderson, President of the Harrisburg Kennel Club says, “They come as far from Colorado, to as far as from Florida, Texas, there’s some people here from Texas, so we have a lot of really excellent dogs represented at this dog show this year.”
More than 150-breeds were in attendance.
A portion of the money raised at the shows will be donated to canine-related charities, local service groups and the K-9 unit of the Harrisburg Police Department.