FOX43 Golf Tip: Hitting that perfect drive

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“Golf Tip of the Week” Putting

This week, the FOX43 Sutliff Chevrolet Golf Tip of the Week takes us to Royal Manchester Golf Links in York County.  Kieron Mooney, PGA Professional, show us how to hit, a longer straighter drive.

Kieron Mooney, PGA Professional, Royal Manchester Golf Links

“The biggest thing that amateurs do, is they tend to throw the club away at the top and start over the top and then release.  We like you to set up in the motion and bring the club back, fairly straight arm.  Your 1st move, should not be, to start with your shoulders but to drop it into the slot.  Store the energy, hold the angle of the club.  That’s this 90 degree angle, drop your hands first before you lose the energy.  The angle is still there and the stored energy is released into the golf ball.”

“I’m going to show you what that means.  I’m not death gripping the club.  I get myself into a good braced position, knees are pointed in and take the club back more into the inside.  Look down my target line. Storing the energy and releasing the club at the right time.  First move is to drop it into the slot.”