Representative Perry tours bus facility in York

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Congressman Scott Perry made a stop in York County on Wednesday as part of the National Federation of Independent Businesses Small Business Challenge.

The congressman toured the Bailey Coach Maintenance Facility in York before listening to over a dozen small business owners voice their concerns. One major concern is about the Affordable Healthcare Act and the delay in shop exchanges which is the portion of the Healthcare Act that helps small businesses offer affordable coverage to their employees.

Bailey Coach president says discussing issues with the congressman can help improve the relationship between small businesses and the government.

“I think all businesses are affected by what he speaks on today. The government has to work hand-in-hand with small business. We rely on government, and then in turn, the government has to rely on the small businesses to pay taxes to keep the economy going,” Bailey Coach President John Bailey said.

While at the facility, Congressman Perry also got a better look at how the business operates.