SPCA seizes more than 50 cats from York City home

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The owner of a York city home faces multiple citations this evening after the York County SPCA removed more than 50 cats over the span of two days. Neighbors made the call to notify the county. They say this has been going on for a decade. But the woman who owns the cats says she didn’t do anything wrong.

People from the SPCA had to wear hazmat suits because the stench of the feces and urine was so strong. It made many nauseous… the smell lingered for hours. We caught up with Peggy Brett as SPCA workers removed her animals.

“I’m 81 years old, I’ve had a serious heart attack a year ago. The doctor said don’t get upset and look what’s happening… these Gestapo people are killing me!” says Brett.

More than 50 cats taken from York City home

Brett says these cats are her life.

“In my opinion it’s my calling,” says Brett.

She claims she has 18 cats… plus some. But the SPCA says it seized more than 50.

“You walk by the house and you just want to throw up,” says Christa Germinario, a neighbor, “This is the 5th house on the block that’s full of cats. It’s about time somebody did something.”

But this may not be the only home on the block. FOX43 is told that Brett has multiple properties, and the city knows about it.

“I know that we’ve been dealing with this particular individual on this property and at least several others…or at least one other property. Gaining access has always been difficult,” says York City Codes Director, Steven Buffington.

Buffington says Brett violated a city ordinance of a 6 pet limit. Her home is now condemed, deemed unsanitary to live in. But, despite hazmat suits and an infestation of bugs, Brett says all of this isn’t true.

“It’s clean, I vacuum, I sweep, I mop. The cat dishes are clean, their dishes are clean, everything is clean!” says Brett.

Brett’s next step is to higher a lawyer and to find a way to get her cats back.