Sen. Bob Casey to unveil plan to help elderly find caregivers in Pennsylvania

Vice President Biden Holds Roundtable On Gun Control In Philadelphia

Vice President Biden Holds Roundtable On Gun Control In PhiladelphiaToday, U.S. Senator Bob Casey will be unveiling a plan to help the elderly in Central Pennsylvania and their families who help them.

It will be at 1:45 this afternoon at the PA College of Health and Sciences along Lime Street in Lancaster.

Senator Casey’s Caregiver Corps Plan would connect The Department of Health and Human Services with local volunteers allowing caregivers to better connect with families.


  • The Opinionated One

    I'll believe it when I see it. Seniors are left to fend for themselves in most cases. Can't believe that anything will come of Senator Casey's "Pie in the Sky Ideas". I agree with Joe, it is the mid-term elections and it is a way for Senator Casey to buy some votes for his party.

    • Joe

      Right, TOO. Since the proverbial turn of the century "bucket of coal for a vote," the DNC has perfected the vote buying scheme. The problem is we are running out of working people to rob to pay for those votes.

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