Two Glen Rock men save woman from being robbed and help police catch perp

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Bad guys in York County have more to be worried about than just the cops. Two men in Glen Rock saw a woman being robbed and were able to stop the robber before he could get away. This all happened Sunday around 2 o’clock on Baltimore Street in the borough.

A bush on the side of the road is still matted down from where Thomas Hensel and Bill Mabrey tackled a man trying to steal a woman’s purse. They say they happened to be driving down Baltimore Street when they saw a woman struggling. That’s when they say they sprang into action.

“I was like dude he`s taking swings at her… He slams on the break, soon as it’s in park I’m out the truck. I run up, he’s trying to run still holding on to the purse,” says Bill Mabrey.

You could say they were in the right place at the right time. Bill and Thomas didn’t think twice before stopping their truck to intervene.

“I grab him by the arm and give him a kidney shot. That’s when he (Thomas) came in and pretty much after that my adrenaline was flowing,” says Bill.

The two men battled the man for a few seconds before forcing him to the ground. The man fought back, trying to escape.

“We were struggling and fighting, struggling, and fighting..” says Bill.

Bill showed FOX43 his bruises from holding down the man until police arrived. Thomas told us he couldn’t believe what happened.

“Not in Glen Rock, this is something you shouldn’t see in Glen Rock,” says Thomas.

Police say the man responsible for the attack is Patrick Dent. He faces robbery and assault charges. Because of Bill and Thomas, the woman walked away with a few scratches and all of her belongings.

“If you see something wrong you do it, you get involved, you say no this is wrong. If everyone was like that the world would be a different place,” says Bill.


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