Arson in York brings back bad memories for neighbor

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Firefighters spent the early morning hours battling a fire in the city of York.  The fire has been ruled an arson.

Within the year, arsonists have destroyed several properties in York within a 3-block area.

York Fire Chief Dave Michaels says, “It’s part of our investigation.  We’re continuing to follow-up with all those investigations and hopefully lead to an arrest for arson.”

Arson is also the cause of the fire at this vacant property at 118 North Belvidere Avenue.  It started on the first floor and moved the second.  It brings back painful memories for neighbor Harriet Gray.  In March, her family’s property was demolished after an arsonist destroyed it.

Gray says, “It’s weird, for as long as I’ve been alive, the building always stood there and all the things, the last memory is that my dad fell and lost his life.”

Her father died four months before the fire.

Gray says, “He was going through the property with the building’s owner and he fell through a hole in the first floor and landed in the basement and suffered head injuries.”

Gray’s in agreement with other neighbors- they want to see an end to the arsons.

Neighbor, Jessica Guillot says, “I would like to see them get caught, but also see if the Governor takes charge and makes sure that doesn’t happen to anybody else because next time, somebody will get hurt.”

York City Police are investigating the arson.