NFL to Super Bowl performers: “Pay to play”



It’s always considered an honor, and a huge gig when an artist lands a performance during the NFL Super Bowl halftime show.

But now some say that honor is being taken away. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the performers are being asked to pay-to-play. The Super Bowl halftime show always showcases some of the hottest artists, who use the gigantic international platform to gain even more popularity, and profits. Now it seems, the NFL wants a cut of the money.

The Wall Street Journal says the NFL has asked the three artists under consideration for this year’s game to contribute a portion of their post Super Bowl tour income to the NFL,  or,  to make some other type of financial contribution. Apparently that idea has gotten a chilly reception from the representatives of Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Coldplay.

The show does give artists one of the biggest audiences in TV history.  So what do you think? Should they have to pay for that exposure?