Turning unsettled through the rest of the week

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Wednesday Morning Weather Forecast

Our next storm system brings the chance for showers and thunderstorms late today through Thursday.






Showers and thunderstorms are possible during the afternoon, particularly out west. The eastern half has a better chance for a few showers and storms later in the day.

An approaching storm system brings the chance for showers and thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, Wednesday morning is mainly dry. Some wake up to foggy and hazy spots, otherwise it’s muggy with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. Into the afternoon, the amount of dry time depends on where you live. Along the western parts of our region, showers and some thunderstorms roll in by mid afternoon. By late afternoon, showers and thunderstorms are possible along the central parts of the region (think along the Susquehanna River for geological reference). Late in the day into the early evening, our eastern parts see the chance for showers and thunderstorms too. It’s warm and muggy with highs in the lower to middle 80s. Overnight, scattered thunderstorms dwindle into some showers. It’s still muggy and mild, with haze and fog likely again. Lows are in the 60s. This system moves slowly, so there’s still the chance for thunderstorms on Thursday. Highs temperatures hover near 80 degrees.




As this system finally heads out to sea, it stalls right off of the coast, just to the south of New England. This blocks the flow, and the weekend is looking increasingly unsettled. Friday, there’s the chance for showers or thunderstorms. Otherwise, Saturday brings a small shower chance, but it is cool. On Sunday, expect a mixture of clouds and sunshine. The system stuck just to our east induces a northeasterly flow, so expect temperatures through the weekend to remain below seasonable averages. Highs continue to hover near 80 degrees, but Saturday looks like a day where the region will be stuck in the 70s.



Early next week will not come without some shower and thunderstorm chances. There is some uncertainty in the forecast, but Monday appears to be drying out, with the shower and thunderstorm chance shifting to Tuesday. Highs continue to hover near 80 degrees and into the lower 80s.



Have a great Wednesday!

-Andrea Michaels