Cumberland County homeowner begins to clean up cluttered mess

A mobile home filled with garbage and feces in North Middleton Township, Cumberland County is a little cleaner this evening.
The woman charged with child endangerment and animal cruelty is taking steps to clean up the mess. Bags full of garbage once filled the inside of the mobile home on Westminster Court. Melissa Bubnis has known the accused, Christine Christ, for over a decade. She’s hopeful the unlivable conditions are in the past.

She says, “I know how much her kids mean to her and it’s really good to see she’s willing to get going and get her house cleaned up so she can get her kids back.”

Neighbors say progress has been made in removing tons of trash from the trailer. Now the problems have switched to stray cats roaming the neighborhood.

Bubnis says, “They’re running around and destroying skirting and getting underneath the trailers and ripping out isolation, it’s repairs the homeowners have to fix.”

Bubnis says one neighbor is feeding the cats, causing them to return. We spoke with that neighbor who says she feeds around 15 cats. According to the Humane Society of Greater Harrisburg, feedings feral cats actually is the right thing to do.

Amy Kaunas is the Executive Director of the Humane Society. She says, “You’re keeping them away from problem areas. Why do cats go in the garbage? They’re hungry and cold.”
Kaunas says feeding is only part of the solution. She adds, “If a community wants to manage their feral cat population, they need to set up feeding locations, be active in trapping, neutering, returning and educate themselves.”

The Humane Society removed four cats from inside the home. They’ve been placed in new homes. Two turtles were also removed. They are now up for adoption at the Humane Society of Greater Harrisburg.