Student punished for saying “bless you” in classroom

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A high school senior in Tennessee got kicked out of class for doing what may say is simply a common courtesy. Kendra Turner served an in-school suspension after saying “Bless You” in class after someone sneezed.

The phrase is one of several terms the teacher doesn’t allow. The teenager claims she was told it is banned because it is for church.

School administrators say Turner was suspended because she created a distraction by yelling across the room.

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  • Joe Jaskolka

    Yet another educator trampling the First Amendment. She should stick to teaching the three "R"s and leave her social hang-ups outside the classroom. Just another brick in the wall.

  • Joe

    The term has nothing at all to do with church. A courtesy dating from medieval times and used in more languages that I care to list. Another ignorant union member with a degree in CYA.

  • Yorker

    Shouting across the classroom is inappropriate, but a teacher who makes ridiculous rules like this set up a situation where the sorts of people who will stand up against injustice are actually punished and the sort who will blindly follow orders are rewarded for doing so. I can understand wanting to promote critical thought in making people think before they speak, but clearly the kid wins out here in calling out this teacher by simultaneously doing a good thing (pointing out injustice) a bad thing (shouting across the room) all while being polite and utilizing the dual nature of a statement that is both religious and a mark of common courtesy. Hats off to the young lady, she deserves extra credit, not a suspension!

    P.S.- Some of us boycott Facebook.

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