New mom dies from rare disease after taking medicine for a bug bite

A family is Michigan wants to raise awareness about a rare syndrome, after they were blindsided by the loss of a family member.

24-year-old Cassandra Campbell contracted a rare disease called Stevens Johnson Syndrome or SJS after taking medicine for a bug bite.

The disease is most commonly caused by antibiotics like penicillin or Bactrim.

Cassandra just had a baby on June 29, but only three weeks later she was gone from SJS.

“She had been bitten by a bug, we assumed. She was nursing at the time, so we got antibiotics, and they put her on two different ones,” said her mother Cindy Shoemaker.

Her family says that she had what they thought was flu-like symptoms and a rash, but her symptoms got worse.

Blisters covered her body, and even after they were scrubbed off, and wrapped it would come back.

Essentially the tissue in her body was breaking down.

Cassandra’s family says that they wish they would  have known that what they thought was just a rash was capable of taking daughter away from this earth.

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