Prosecutors not ruling out option of charging mother in connection with 9-year old son’s death

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The death of 9-year old Jarrod Tutko Jr. whose body lay in his feces covered room for days has already led to the arrest of the boy's father, Jarrod Sr. Dauphin County prosecutors aren't stopping there. "We are looking at the family from all aspects and not just what happened in August, but really going back through Jarrod Tutko junior's entire life going back nine years" said Chief Deputy District Attorney Sean McCormack.

McCormack said investigators have not ruled out charging the boy's mother Kimberly Tutko. She spoke with FOX43 during a neighborhood vigil held for her son 2 weeks ago. "This used to be filled with noise. kids running around and now nothing. And my normal every day routine that I've done is not there anymore. It's hard" said Kimberly.

The district attorney's office is also reviewing whether Children and Youth Services could have handled the situation better. That's separate from the criminal investigation. "Children and Youth is an active participant in it. We sit down with some other members from the community, medical community and other agencies and we do a really good review so that we can come up with better practices for the future" said McCormack.



  • Carmen

    She is just as guilty as dad. How the hell your child is dead in a home that your living in and he is not missed? CYS always let’s these kids fall through the cracks because of funding. Why wasn’t a fily based team involved if the were allegations of abuse. Smh

  • lisa piper

    That is so sad that the little fell through the cracks of children and youth services. Back when I was having kids they did not play like this they did there job.

  • Melissa

    Why has she not already been charged??? How can your flesh and blood reside in the same house as you but you don’t interact with him, only your husband does? Something fishy is going on there. For God sakes, people… if you can’t or don’t want to take care of the children YOU brought into this world, put them up for adoption!!!!

  • none

    it’s sad to see.. children & youth services do the best they can isn’t about no funding..cuz they take children from parents who don’t deserve to have their children taken and those who do deserve to have they children taken don’t…it’s sad ..I think both parents are responsible. .and should be punished..not die…only god holds that choice. .

  • Wann

    HOW DONT YOU REALIZE YOUR SON IS UNTIL 9days after it dont add up IS she mentally challenged? That’s the question if so then why were they allowed to have supervision over all those kids with disabilities

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