Vigil held in Lancaster in honor of Michael Brown

Donnell Bailey is a sophomore at Franklin and Marshall College.

He’s just one of several people who came out to Penn Square in Lancaster Saturday evening to mourn the loss of Michael Brown.

While they may be hundreds of miles away, they say they want the people of Ferguson, Missouri to know, they are not alone.

“I feel that this is an issue and that this is an incident where I don’t have the right to be quiet and I don’t have the right to be silent on this.”mikebrownvigil

The vigil comes nearly two weeks after a police officer in Ferguson fatally shot Brown.

The 18-year-old was unarmed.

“I wish that I was maybe surprised but I think it’s something that happens a lot; a lot more then we actually notice or take credit for,” said Josh Graupera, a Lancaster resident.

Protesters say they not only want to pay their respects to Brown, but also raise awareness about important issues that go far beyond Ferguson.

“We’d like to see really broad change across the country as far as prejudice and racism are concerned as, far as the violence that’s targeted to our communities of color,” added Nick Miron with the group, YWCA Lancaster.

For many, Brown’s death was a reminder that tragedy can strike anywhere, to anyone.

“It could have been my brother and I really love my brother and wouldn’t want that to happen to him,” said Lancaster resident Daja Govan.

“This could have been a white kid, this could have been a Hispanic kid, this could have been an Asian kid,” Bailey said. “It doesn’t matter who, it’s the fact that we are supposed to be out here, standing up for human rights; human beings.”

The delayed school year in Ferguson is scheduled to start Monday, the same day the funeral will be held for Brown.